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November 19, 2012
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My Kitten 4

Sebastian POV

It’s funny. When you’re a demon you never realize how short life truly is. How life and death can be separated by a string and how easily that string can be severed. One little word is all it takes. One little word, and a speeding carriage. Those two little things are what caused this. Caused my sweet, sweet kitten, my beloved [Name], to be thrown prematurely into the afterlife. I can still hear her scream as she was trampled.
So pain filled. So terrified. Terrified of death, not hers, no never hers. She was too lively and unfazed of the thought of death to be scared. No, it was the death of our unborn child residing in her swollen belly. Then nothing. No sound leached from her lips as I rushed with demon speed to her side, dropping the [flavour] pie I had just retrieved from the oven. When I arrived I was shocked.
Her long [hair type] [colour] hair spread out under her, slowly staining with red. She reached up a blood-drained hand and stroked my cheek. My hand clasped hers and held it close. She tried to speak but no sound came. Her [colour] eyes filled with frustration and pain as she took her hand from mine and began to write a message in her own blood beside her.
“My sweet kitten, please be still. You’re going to be fine and so is our child. Just please, lease hold on!” Even though I had always believed it impossible, my ruby eyes had began to fill with tears.
“Tears don’t suit you Sebastian,” a sullen voice from inside the growing crowd admitted. I turned towards the voice to see Grell, the crimson reaper, break through the swarm of people. He lifted his safety scissors and made a quick slash.
“No!” I cried as [Name]’s hand went limp and crashed into the dirt. A pain filled smile and empty eyes were all that was left of the only woman I had ever loved. “[NAME]!!!” I howled like a wounded animal. Then I turned my growing rage towards Grell. “You son of a bitch! Why would you take her from me?!” I didn’t wait for an answer as I slugged him in the jaw like a drunken madman. It barely fazed him as he glared at me.
“I didn’t want to!” he shouted, tears brimming his green eyes and threatening to spill out. “I loved her! Why do you think I spent all this time trying to spilt you two up?! And now…she’s gone…and so is your son…” Grell choked out the last few words before being over taken by heart wrenching sobs and fell to his knees.
“No…no…” I sobbed crashing to my knees and pulling my dead love close to me as the rain started to wash away her final message. “[NAME]!!!!!”
‘I love you’


“Sebastian! You need to wake up!” you exclaimed, panic filling your voice. You had woken up to your demon lover writhing around on the bed you shared, painfully screaming your name. The black and red blankets were crunched in his demonic grasp as he thrashed on the bed. Sweat drenched his brow causing his normally soft black hair to stick and mould to it.
He bolted upwards in one last sorrow filled cry. “[NAME]!” Tears streamed from his crimson eyes as you pulled him close to you.
“Shh…Shh…my love. It was only a bad dream,” you cooed softly as if to a small child. “Dreams can’t hurt you…”
“My kitten…I thought I lost you… There was this carriage and you and…our son…both of you were taken from me…” he whimpered holding you close.
“Sebastian,” you sighed, “bad dreams are just that, dreams. Images coxed up to the surface through stress and fear. Nothing else. As for our son,” you smiled,  “he should stop spying on his parents and come give his demon daddy a hug.”
Sebastian looked up and noticed the young boy, no older then 3, peering through a crack in the door. His messy black hair formed a curtain of darkness around his innocent [colour] eyes. Those eyes…they hid his true nature, a half-demon trickster.
“Daddy…” he whispered as he slowly walked towards the two of you. “You do realize I’m three now, right? You can stop thinking of me as a lump in mommy’s tummy. Sissy’s in there now!”
“Adrian!” you laughed.
“What? I wanted to be the one to break daddy this time!” Adrian giggled.
“You’re pregnant?” Sebastian breathed as his eyes filled with shock.
“Adrian found out before I knew…Sebastian,” you took a deep breath, “I’m not going anywhere. And neither are Adrian and his sister. You don’t have to worry, my love.”
“But kitten, you don’t know-“
“What? That I won’t die in an accident? It’s true that I don’t know for sure, but neither do you. Who knows? Maybe I’ll die from old age. Maybe since I’m with you, I’ve become a little demon myself! Either way, live for today Sebastian not for tomorrow…”
“Kitten…” he whispered before holding you close. “I love you so much…”
“I love you too Bassy…”
“Never call me that.”
“Fine. I love you Sebastian.”
“Adrian wants love too!” Adrian cried, jumping onto the bed and squeezing in between the two of you.

Extended Ending

“Hey mom!” your twenty year old daughter called. “I’d like you to meet someone!”
You turned to face her, your [colour] hair free from its usual bun. After your second child’s birth you had stopped aging to your eternal delight. “What is it Victoria?”
“I’d like you to meet my boyfriend, Grell! Isn’t he tasty?”
“Hey Grell!” you smiled at the crimson reaper. “Been what…fifteen years or so?”
“About that-“ he started, smiling his signature grin.
“Grell…” Sebastian fumed.
“Bassy!” Grell exclaimed. “Or should I call you daddy from now on?”
“Hey, Adrian!” you called into the house. “Make some popcorn, this is going to be good!”
Part four of this........series.....
And it shall be the last...

NOW: Ignore what I said above Ive had an awesome idea for part 5... coming soon to a computer near you :iconcomputerplz: (in June 2013 BTW)

Also... I'm having a lot and I do mean a lot of trouble writing this freaking happy happy scene that would be perfect so its taking me a while but my goal is to have it done by Christmas. Thanks for being so understanding! And if you aren't I'm really really really sorry!!!!!!!!! It be out soon I swear!!!!!!

Black butler dosen't belong to me
Story does
You belong to :iconsexysebastianplz:
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Sebby is all likeSebastian Michaelis (Evil Look) [V2]

Im all likeCiel and Lizzy (Huggy) [V1] 
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