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August 20, 2012
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My Kitten 3

You sighed heavily. Mey-Rin didn't react like you had originally thought. Instead of the words of false congratulations you had expected from your formal rival in love, you received squeals of joy you'd expect from a best friend. After 3 years of working for the Phantomhive family, you and her had become very close friends. It was a give and take relationship. The two of you gave advice, mostly boyfriend, and shared (read took) clothes in (read from) the other's closet.
"Just don't tell Sebastian!" you hushed, attempting to calm her down. "Or anyone else! You're the first one I've told, and I kinda want Sebastian to know before anyone else."
"Of course, [Name]! I just hope Finney will understand…" Yep, over the years Finney and Mey-Rin became very, very close. And they did an amazing job of keeping it secret from everyone around them. So when you had walked in on their 'alone time' in the garden shed a few months earlier, it was a huge surprise. And, after many pleads from the three of you, Ceil had given them permission to marry.
The wedding was scheduled to be the following year in June. Mey-Rin was planning the designs for her dress since the month before when Finney finally proposed…

Flashback (yes, first I transported you into the future, now I'm bringing you to that future's past…which is still the future…but the past at the same…Ah forget it and enjoy your flashback!)

You watched them from the bushes, like the crazy, half-cat stalker you are. Twigs and leaves stuck out of your hair to create camouflage while your clothes were caked in mud. With binoculars in hand, you had set out after two of your best friends after a little birdie (Baldo) had passed on that Finney had finally gotten the balls to ask Mey-Rin to marry him.
So all that lead up to this one moment. You in a bush, and Mey-Rin riding on a rowboat with Finney. "If only Sebastian was here to see this!" you whispered to yourself.
"If only I was here to see what, my kitten?" Sebastian asked appearing behind you.
"Well, well! Speak of the demon and the demon shall appear!" you chuckled. "What cha doing here? Did Ceil send you to come and get us or something?"
"Can't I just want to see my sweet kitten?" he asked innocently (or as innocent as a demon could be). "Who seems to have gotten sticks and leaves …in her [hair length] [color] hair…and mud…covering her entire body… May I ask what it is you're doing?"
"I heard from Bard that Finney's going to propose, and I want to see Mey-Rin's reaction. So I'm camouflaged!" you smiled, your ears sticking out of your muddy [color] hair. They twitched and you turned towards the river just in time to see (and hear) Mey-Rin squeal and leap at Finney.
He caught her easily in his arms, but lost his balance, sending the two of them crashing into the water. After a moment, they surfaced laughing and crying joyous tears. Finney pulled the redheaded maid in for a long, sweet kiss as the two of the floated in pure happiness. Until they realized the ring was somewhere at the bottom of the river…

Present Time (Back to the future (is a good movie)!!!!!)

You laughed at the memory of the two of freaking out over the lost ring. Sure at the time it wasn't funny but now it was hysterical! After 10 or so minutes of them searching, the two of you stumbled out of the bushes to help. Of course Mey-Rin took the fact you were in the bushes together in a perverted sense. Well, the muddy clothes and messy hair really didn't help. Around an hour later you had found the ring in a fish that you had 'accidentally' caught in your mouth. It seemed like it had eaten it earlier and come back for more. It was a nice sized fish too, about the size of your forearm. And it was nice and juicy too!
Your stomach rumbled remembering that fantastic feast. You made your way to the kitchen to find Baldroy taking a blowtorch to a slab of meat.
"'Ello [Name]!" he shouted. "Help yourself to anything! Dinner's not going to be for a while!"
"Thanks!" you shouted back, grabbing a tomato, and some crackers. Oh! And some cucumber. And maybe that left over curry!
"Geeze, [Name]! You're gong to get fat if you eat all that!" commented Baldroy.
"Shut up," you muttered before taking a giant bite out of the cucumber. "And I'm not fat! …I'm fluffy…"
Baldroy laughed, then continued to torch the meat, this time with a flamethrower. You smiled as you left the room. Yep, he would definitely be handy to have around at the zombie apocalypse.
You made your way out into the courtyard where Finney was happily gardening. "Yo, Finney!"
"[Name]!" he exclaimed dropping his trowel and running over to you. He picked you up and spun you around, like he did to Mey-Rin sometimes. "What do you need?"
"Do you know where Sebastian is?" you asked as Finney placed you gently on the ground. "I need to tell him something."
"Does it have anything to do with this?" he laughed, placing a hand on your stomach. You blushed and swiped his hand away.
"How did you find out? I only told…Mey-Rin…"
"What can I say? I can read her like a book and she's a sucker for my puppy eyes!" he laughed, "So how long are you?"
"About 3 months…" you admitted shyly.
"Wow…" Finney breathed. "That long already?"
"Yeah, and Sebastian doesn't know. So if you breath one word of this to anyone, you'll see a very pissed off kitty."
"Don't worry, I won't say anything. Oh, and by the way, I saw Sebastian taking care off some things around back.
"Thanks Finney," you said giving him a kiss on the cheek before running towards the back. You screeched to a halt as you saw Sebastian. Tears formed in you [color] eyes as you saw what he was doing. A purring silky black cat was curled up on his lap, with Sebastian petting her fur. "Sebastian…"
He looked up from the purring cat and smiled at you. "Hello kitten. What's the matter my dear?"
"You…You…TWO-TIMER!!!!!" you cried. You grabbed the cat by the scruff and threw her across the yard. The cat turned and hissed at you, her hair standing on end. That just made you angrier. You whipped around to face the cat and growled like a cornered cougar. The cat whimpered and bolted off the property. Then you turned to Sebastian. Before you could say or do anything he pulled you into a heart (and anger) melting kiss. When his lips left yours, you pouted.
"My sweet, jealous kitten. You know I only love you. How could I love anyone else as much as I love you?" he smiled.
You smirked, "Well that's got to change."
He blinked, "Pardon?"
"Sebastian, you're going to be a daddy."

Extended Ending

"Bo-chan!" you exclaimed, bursting into Ceil's study.
"What is it [Name]-"
"I broke Sebastian!"
"I broke him! He's not moving! I think he's in shock!"
"What happened?"
"I told him I was Pregnant!"
"Is it his?"
"Of course it's his!" you snapped angrily.
Argh! This took way too long to write!
:iconkagomeandsesshomaru9: and :iconheartofademon: both wanted me to make a third part so here it is!
Sorry it took so long!

BTW Part four has already been requested so it is on it's way!

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 4: [link]

Black Butler dosen't belong to me
Story dose though
You are :iconsexysebastianplz:
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"Is it his?"
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""Bo-chan!" you exclaimed, bursting into Ceil's study.
"What is it [Name]-"
"I broke Sebastian!"
"I broke him! He's not moving! I think he's in shock!"
"What happened?"
"I told him I was Pregnant!"
"Is it his?"
"Of course it's his!" you snapped angrily."

OMG!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I couldn't help but laught!!!
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