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My Kitten

"Get out of here you mangy animal! No one wants you here!" the man screamed at you. Then he kicked you in the stomach and sent you flying into the alley wall. Your head made a sickening thud as it smashed into the bricks. Falling hard onto your side, you whimpered, begging the man silently to stop. He never did. He grabbed an old rusted pipe and stood over your bruised and frail body. "I'll teach you not to steal from me!" he shouted before he brought the pipe down towards your head.
You winced and closed your eyes, to wait for it to end your pitiful life on the streets. After a few seconds of nothing, you opened your good eye. A tall man with black hair and red eyes towered over the other man, gripping the pipe firmly in his gloved hand.
"It's highly undignified to strike a lady like that, especially one as beautiful as her. I'm going to have to teach you a lesson a lesson in manners," your savour said before grabbing the man by the scruff and tossing him deeper into the alleyway.
"Why you little-I'll teach you to mess with me!" the man yelled before charging the black haired man. The man grabbed the abandoned pipe that lay at his feet and swung it towards the charging man. You closed your eyes before the impact, but you still heard the crack as metal attacked bone, and the thump of the now lifeless body hitting the ground.
"Oh my dear, you're shaking. Come here, I'll warm you up." You opened your eye again to see the red-eyed man squatting and reaching towards you. Again you whimpered and pulled closer to the alley wall. The man straightened up and you closed your eye to wait for the footsteps to start. Fawump!
'Wha-What?!' you thought to yourself as a coat was placed over you and you were scooped up into the man's arms. Out of pure instinct, you began to struggle.
"Shh…shh… It's okay now. He can't hurt you anymore. You're safe," the man cooed softly.
'Safe…such a nice word…' you thought as you snuggled closer to the heat radiating from the man's chest. Your heartbeats slowly matched the footsteps of the man as you drifted off into sleep…

Sebastian's POV

I couldn't just leave her there. She was helpless against the larger man and he had an unfair advantage over her. She was skinny and weak while he was muscular and never missed a meal, and he hade a weapon. He was going to kill her, this beautiful creature, without a second thought.
I sighed and looked at the sleeping mass in my arms. She looked so peaceful and soft, curled up in my coat. The dirt and blood that covered her could not mask the graceful features she had. And no amount of swelling could hide those piercing [color] eyes. All in all, she was a glorious specimen of life.
As I reached towards the door to the Phantomhive mansion, I felt her stir in my arms. Slowly I opened the door, trying not to wake her.
"Mr. Sebastian!" I cringed as Finney's voice reached me. "What have you got there?"
I tried to come up with an appropriate answer that wouldn't get her back on the streets. No such beast.
"Ohmygosh! She's adorable!" Finney exclaimed with a twinkle in his eye. "She's the most adorable thing I've ever seen! Look at that silky [hair color] fur and her graceful form-Is that blood?"
"Hold on! I'll be right back!" Finney cried before he ran off. I stared after him for a split second. 'Who knew that Finney loved cats almost as much as I?"
"Okay, I'm back!" the blonde boy said, as he ran up to me carrying cotton swaps and a water bottle. He then rubbed his head with his free hand looking embarrassed. "Um, Mr. Sebastian? Can you take care of her? I don't want to hurt her."
"Of coarse I will Finney. But please don't tell anyone about this, especially the young master. He would instruct me to get rid of the gorgeous creature."
"You can count on me Mr. Sebastian!" Finney saluted before going to his own room.
"Now what am I going to do with you my dear?"

Your POV

You awoke to a warm sensation. As you opened your eyes (yes your eye healed), you understood why. You were snuggled beside the young man who had saved you. He was sleeping so peacefully, his arm holding you close, like a child would a mother.
You were torn. One hand you were a cat right now so it didn't matter who you slept with. Besides he was kinda cute. And on the other hand you were a lady and it was scandalous to sleep with a ma who was not your husband, or someone you didn't even know for that matter.
"Morning Kitten."
You looked up at the man. It seemed he had woken up while your mind was panicking.
"Shh…I'm not supposed to have cats in the house. The young master would be very displeased."
You nodded your head and snuggled back into his chest with a small grin on your face. 'I might have just blown his brain!'
"Good kitten. You can stay here while I wake the master and prepare his breakfast. After all I am one hell of a butler." With that he attempted to get out of bed, but you grabbed his shirt with your paw and pulled him back down with your paw. You did your best pout in cat form as you could. He couldn't resist. "5 more minutes wouldn't hurt anybody, would it?"
You shock your head in reply and started to rub your head against his face. He stroked you gently and lovingly. A purr rumbled deep in your chest. 'This is the way my cat half can thank him.' you thought to yourself.
"Okay my dear, now I have to go-" you cut him off by bringing his face over with your paw. You reached up and licked his cheek softly. Then you curled up on the pillow that had his sent. You stole one more glance of him before you fully closed your eyes. He was sitting there a hand to his cheek and slightly red.
'Fuck yeah! Even in cat form I'm still breaking hearts!' a voice deep within you said, before you fell into a deep sleep.


You awoke just as the man came back. It was just before the sun set and you were anxious to get out of this body to set your plan in motion. You had been planning the moment for all of 5 seconds you were awake! You jumped off the bed and stretched. As you padded under the bed, just as your senses told you, the door to the room opened revealing the man and a red haired girl with glasses in a maid uniform.
"Goodnight Mr. Sebastian," the girl said going red in the face. She obviously had a crush on him.
"Goodnight May-Rin." He obviously didn't return her feelings; fore he closed the door and locked it. "Huh. Those three are as incompetent and annoying as ever."
Feeling bad for him, you ran over to him and, with one massive leap, jumped into his arms. So his name was Sebastian, cute!
"Hello, kiten1" he said as he walked over to his bed and sat down and started to pet you. "Finney brought up an interesting point today. I haven't picked out a name for you yet. How about [least favourite name]?" You glared at him with the fiercest look you could muster. "Okay, what about [another hated name]?" You lifted a paw and flexed your claws at him. "I'll take that as a no," he laughed.
You looked over at the window and sighed. Only a few more minutes until the moon rose and you could be human again. Then you could tell him your name and thank him face to face.
"Mr. Sebastian? Can I come in?" the voice of May-Rin asked on the other side of the door. Sebastian sighed and picked you up. He opened the closet and placed you inside. Before he closed the door on you he motioned to you to be quiet. Behind closed doors you could hear the door opening and Sebastian's cool voice ask her:
"What is it May-Rin? And what is so urgent that it can't wait until morning?"
"M-Mr. Sebastian, I-I've l-like you every since I first met you a-and I-I was wondering if you feel the same way about m-me?"
Sebastian sighed, "I'm sorry May-Rin, I cannot return your feeling because my heart has already been stolen by another."
"O-Oh, I-I guess I'll just go then…Goodnight Mr Sebastian." You heard the door close and felt the transformation start.
'Damn it! Why right now?!' You felt you body stretch and bed. Your skull contracted and your tail receded. Your body twisted in pain and you silently begged that he wouldn't open the door and see you like this, deformed and somewhere between cat and human. Then as suddenly as the transformation started, it stopped. It left you sitting in Sebastian's closet with a white flowing nightgown and your cat ears that were hidden underneath you [color] hair. 'Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.'
"Well kitten, you can come out now," Sebastian said before opening the door.
'Oh shit, shit, shit!!!'

Sebastian's POV

"Well kitten, you can come out now," I said to the same kitten before I opened the door. I felt my eyes widen in pure shock.  Where my kitten should be a young girl sat. She was wrapped in a white gown that a goddess would wear. Her hair was the color of the kitten's fur and her eyes were the same as well. They had the same grateful look in them as she looked at me, and I felt my heart pound.
"Um, Hello Mr. Sebastian." She said my name carefully, as if it would break if it was said the wrong way and her voice was quiet, barely audible, as if she was embarrassed to be in the closet. "My name is [Name]. Th-thank you for saving me from the man last night. I was so scared and I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't come around. You saved my life and I don't know how I could ever repay you back for that!" The words seemed to rush out of her mouth like a waterfall.
"So [Name], was it?" She nodded in reply. "How did you get into the closet again?"
"Y-You put me in here… You don't believe me…" She seemed distressed when she came to the conclusion. She stretched out one leg from the closet and slid out of it. The dress pooled at her feet like water. "But either way, thank you for letting me sleep here last night."
She bowed and then walked over to the window, where the moon was shinning bright. She opened the window and looked back once more, sadly. The [color] haired girl leapt onto the sill. Just before she could leave however, there was a crash outside my door. The girl's ears popped out of her hair as she whipped around.
Wait a second.
"Miss, I hope you don't think I being rude but, are those your real ears?" I asked cautiously.
The girl reached up slowly to the top of her head where her ears were alert and focused on the swearing outside the door. Her fingers brushed the ears and a blush went across her cheeks. "Um…yes… These are the ears I've had since the curse was placed on me by that creepy bloke…"
"It basically is that I'm a cat when there is no moon in the sky. And when there is a moon, I turn mostly human. Everything except for the ears." She walked over to the bed and sat down. I walked over and joined her.
"And how is said curse lifted?"
"You're going to think that this is really cheesy. Or a line."
"Try me."
The girl- [Name] sighed. "True Love's kiss apparently. But I don't believe a word of it. I mean, why bother cursing someone if you're just going to give them a way out?"
I looked over at her. She looked so sad and alone. She had nowhere to go and the streets would consume her in an instant. It would be a shame if those pretty [color] disappeared from the world forever.
"I'm sorry," she said drying her eyes, which I didn't even realize were wet, with a sleeve of her dress. "I shouldn't be dumping all of this on you. You've already done so mush for me. You saved my life and gave me a place to sleep and you don't even know me… I-I should go."

Your POV
You didn't want to leave the nice warm house, that soft bed or the comfy closet. But most of all, you didn't want to leave the red-eyed man in front of you. You had grown attached to the man who saved you from death. He gave you a chance to live and you were going to use it.
"No, you can't go-" he started.
"I'm sorry but I must. Thank you for everything. Goodbye, Mr. Sebastian. I will never forget you." With that you leaned over and placed a kiss on the same cheek you had licked in cat form earlier. His face went red and he looked away. You walked over to the window and jumped once again on the sill. You resisted the erg to look back and see his face once more. But you knew if you did, you would never go. You felt arms lace around your waist. "S-Sebastian!"
He turned you around and kissed you. At first you were shocked and didn't return it. He took this as a sign that you didn't love him back and started to pull away. You weren't having any of it. You through your arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. He was the one to break the kiss a few moments later.
"Stay with me?"
"I though the young master didn't like cats?" you said teasingly
"I don't think that will be a problem," he chuckled.
Slowly you lifted your hands up to your ears. Not feeling anything on top of your head, you slowly move your hand to where normal ears would go. You felt tears start to well up in your eyes. Your surprise extended into a smile, which, in turn, led you to glomp Sebastian and knock him onto the bed.
'I'm human again!'

Extended Ending

"Everyone this is [Name]. She will be staying here from now on, and helping with the household chores and such," the young Earl Phantomhive said.
"She's pretty~!" Finney said.
"And mine," Sebastian said pulling you by the waist to his side.
"I love you too, Sebastian," you laugh.
...I don't know why I wrote this
I just Did...

It turned out okay I guess :shrug:

Part 2: [link]

Black Butler belongs to whoever owns it
Plot is mine
You belong to :iconsexysebastianplz: (have FUN :) )
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