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The fire was spreading. People ran past me carrying goods and loved ones who couldn’t run fast enough. They were screaming for mercy. From whom I didn’t know. From God, maybe. Or for the sympathy from the men in masks destroying everything around me. There was a sudden bloody scream. I covered my ears and closed my eyes tight to block it out. A hot liquid splashed my face and ran down the blue party dress Daddy got me for my birthday. I opened my eyes slowly and stared down at the dark wet splatters on the dress. I touched my hand to one of the spots and pulled back at the warmth. My hand came back red and sticky.

“Daddy?” I said again looking around, and then back down at my hand. It looked like I had place my hand in warm strawberry jelly. I stuck my tongue out as Daddy had told me not to and licked my finger. It didn’t taste like strawberries… or anything I had ever had in my life. But it wasn’t all that bad. I stuck my finger in my mouth and lapped up the gooey substance.

“Blood drinker…”

I whipped around and yanked my finger out of my mouth. It wasn’t ladylike to suck your fingers in private, let alone in public! The man was large. Taller and wider then Daddy but not squishy looking like Cook. I felt myself shrink when I looked at his face. He had a thin face with sharp bones that stuck out. And a long black beard with a small braid down the side. It was the only hair he seemed to have. His hair and eyebrows must have been burnt off in the fire. And the sticky red stuff dripped from the corner of his mouth.

I straightened up and sneered. “You drink it so why shouldn’t I?”

“I don’t drink blood you little ingrate,” he growled.

“Yes, you do! You have some in the corner of your mouth!”

“You stupid little…” He grabbed me hand and held out his knife.

“Stop! Daddy said not to play with knives!” A wave of pain shot through me as he slowly carved the knife into my skin. But I never screamed or cried out. Daddy had taught me never to scream when a man does something I don’t like to me. Then something magical happened. As I watched the knife lines, the red runny jelly seeped out! I pulled my hand out of his grasp and eagerly started licking the lines. The more I did the more there seemed to be.

“Looks like Travish has found himself a little blood drinker.”

I looked up to see another man hovering above me. If I had to describe him in one word it would be slimey. He reminded me of a toad. An arched back and his hands in his pockets but he was ready to pounce at any moment. His long black hair looked like it had never been washed for weeks. It was pulled back into a low ponytail and was curling up into locks like out maid had.

“Say… She`s pretty cute for an evil little bitch. Hey Travish! Do you think if I smeared my willie in blood she`d lick it off for me?” the man giggled. It was a nasty sound.

“Lay off Tadger! She’s just a little kid!” the larger man, Travish, barked. I took a step away from the greasy man and closer to Travish. I didn’t know him so I couldn’t trust him; however, he was most definitely safer than Tadger. My knees were trembling but daddy told me never to show my fear in front of men. Especially ones that used words like that. I looked up at Travish just in time to see him spit more of the red jelly onto the burnt ground. He wiped his mouth on his dirty white sleeve and sneered at Tadger.  “What are you looking at now?”

Tadger giggled again. “Looks like the wee devil spawn has taken a liking to you big guy. Doesn’t she know you like them with big jugs not tiny little things?”

“You disgust me. Just because you would with your own sister doesn’t mean you can rag on those of us with standards.”

“Heh, she tasted pretty good too if you ask me,” Tadger smiled. His grimy teeth sparkled in the flickering firelight. One of his top front teeth was missing. His tongue played with the hole as if it wasn’t used to it or… like he was relieving a memory. Travish put his large hand on my far should and pushed me behind him. I stumbled and grabbed onto him for support.

“You’re sick,” he growled.

“She was the one that called out our father’s name when she finished. Heh, now that’s sick.”
Just a little thing
Welp to show you I'm not dead or anything.... Here's a little thing I did at work the other day.

I know it doesn't make up for the pile of work that needs to be done. I'm just glad none of you has come to the house with pitch forks and torches yet. :) And I'm moving soon (hopefully) so soon none of you shall know where I live... :D

Also fun fact Tadger is a Scottish word for penis :D How perfect is that!?


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Hello DA. I'm Mariah, and I'm a pretty usual seventeen year old girl. I'm interested in art, my dog, when things explode or die horribly, shooting guns, socks, breasts, fart jokes, rotting corpses. You know, the usual. I love the outdoors and all the wonders it has to offer. I'm a quite shy person, until I get some drink in me. I've a varied sense of humor, which is to say I laugh uncontrollably when someone falls down, and I also have an interest in the morbid. My collection of skulls is ever growing. I love to be me, and that's all I want to be.

Current Residence: Awesomeland
Favourite genre of music: Everything
Favourite style of art: Any and all
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Skin of choice: I'm quite fond of my own. It does a fine job of keeping me from bleeding out.
Favourite cartoon character: All my favourites have died...
Personal Quote: Any moment now, you'll be dead! Are you excited to see what that's like? -Mr. Burke


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Yep, it`s that time of year again. The time where we all gather to stop the evil that is SOPA. For those of you returning soldiers I salute you. Thank you for your continued service against a force determined to destroy everything we work for and love. Everything we have invested hours of our lives to accomplish. Things we have cried, laughed and raged over. Things that have awakened who we really are. Things that create a way to express our love and obsession. I and the entire internet thank you.

Those who don`t know, SOPA is a group bend on banning all fan made art of TV shows, movies, video games, books, comics, anime, manga, ect. from the internet. This means all fanart, fanfiction, fancomics, fan pages, fan made videos and everything fan made will be deleted. All that effort you put into that drawing of your favourite character wasted. All that time you spent on your fanfiction wasted. And all those hours of sleep you lost editing that AMV for youtube with all those badass characters we know and love MEANINGLESS.

So how you may ask do we stop this monster?  The government has given us a chance to vote on this issue. A chance to stop SOPA. By folling this link:…

you can do your part in stopping SOPA before it ruins a good chunk of the internet. It dosen't matter if your a US citizen or even been to the US don't let the American flag or the White House frighten you away. I'm Canadian and I was able to vote on this issue for years now. Don't let SOPA win! Spread the word! Save the fanart!

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